Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 1: Introduction

So here I am, starting a blog.  I never imagined that I would have one- I have trouble keeping up with a personal journal- and I am never usually the person who has a lot to say (though my husband may differ with that statement!).  I like to listen, to people watch, to learn.

I am married and my husband and I have three children; a 17 year old son, a 15 year old daughter, and an 11 year old daughter.  I've been married for just over 19 years, and followed my husband around for several years while he was in the Army.  For the past ten years we've lived here in NY where we both grew up.  We had lived in Virginia, North Carolina, and Alaska, and really loved living in Alaska (Virginia was great, too) but didn't like being so far away from our families, especially once we started having kids.  My husband's family is very close, and I am thankful that our children get to experience that.  But we do dream of moving to another state eventually....even though New York is an absolutely beautiful state to live in.  We are able to do all kinds of outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, swimming in mountain swimming holes, & skiing .  We also like being so close to New York City, which has some of the friendliest people I've ever met.  Every time I've needed directions or help with something, I'd just ask anyone on the street and they've always helped with a smile.  I don't know why they have such a bad rep.  Anyway, I've just mentioned some of the activities that I'm interested in, and I can add that I absolutely love geology, physics, gardening, snorkeling & SCUBA, being with friends, traveling, and most of all enjoying my family as my children grow.

This past year has been a new experience for me as I was laid off from my job last June.  I only got my BS in 2008, but was fortunate enough to get a job that very fall teaching in a high school about an hour away from me.  I loved my job; the first year was tough but each year got easier and easier, and I learned all kinds of new things, mostly about myself.  It was tough being laid off at first; professionally I felt so discouraged, it was hard once September rolled around. But then, each day once school started, I found that I was relishing being able to fix my children breakfast, packing up lunches with food that they really enjoyed (and were hot!),  sending them off to school with a kiss and a wish for a fantastic day, and being here when they get home. Life is short, and soon my kids will be off in their own lives, so I am grateful for this time that I have here at home.  But I can't wait to be in a classroom again, that's for sure!


  1. Sorry you experienced being laid off. I hope with this new degree you are working towards will reward you with a new job!

  2. Thanks, Shannon! As an educator in NY we are all required to have our master's within 5 years of getting an undergrad. I do have two prospects in the fall so I'm pretty positive I'll be back to work by then.